On a mission of making Road construction economical

About Us

At Temlin, we are proud to fuel India’s infrastructure dream by working closely with road contractors to improve their site profitability.

The DNA of Temlin is focusing on usability of the technology since costly systems and ERPs have looted the contractors and have not helped in solving core problems of Indian construction industry

Without Temlin With Temlin
Man Days 1000 800
Material consumed 10000m
Machine usage 60% 90%
Project Cost 100 crore 92 crore

How we guarantee cost reduction?

Multi language support

Audio and video chat on every task

Easy to use interface for the site team

Innovation to beat competition

Innovation in onsite practices

With every company having access to similar resources - material and machine, we help you in bring in innovation in civil procedures to reduce the cost of critical tasks.

Innovation in plant machinary

Machine A can deliver 700 meter of work in a day while machine B can achieve 300 meter at the same cost. We help you with innovative options within the industry to get more output in the same cost.

Innovation with partners

We have an inhouse R&D team of road experts, planning engineers and consultants to help you provide turnkey solutions to help you stay ahead of the game.

Cost reduction in 100% projects

Custom modules to make site working seamless and quick

No set up cost. Pay as you use

What we achieved so far.

1,50,000 meter

...road made on temlin


...saved on wastages and theft


...reduction in material wastage

4 hrs/day

...avg. increase in machinery usage

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email: support@philom.in

phone: 9319661116

Our Brand Promise

At Temlin, our focus is only on reducing cost on your project. Today, economics of road construction has changed with shorter timelines and expensive raw material. We enable your entire site office and head office with just in time information to instantly take action on the data


The product is for Indian road contractors and companies for both small and big road projects

All road projects including greenfield. Our customized product ensures that we are able to customize the product for every contractor basis their internal site working

ERP is reporting tool. We build intelligence at all levels of your project to ensure quick and easy decision making. Basically we believe in prevention and not diagnosis

No, we bring your entire workforce including your external consultants and sub-contractors on a single platform to make them work as an efficient team.

Yes. Regardless of the stage of your project, you will start noticing the results as soon as the product is deployed in the project.

Yes, the product will give you value at every stage of the project.

Pricing is customised basis the requirement and you only pay when you use it. After the trial, if you are unhappy with the results, you may discontinue the service.